About us

About us

Sociopol for organizations and communities

These days, we are living in a knowledge-based society, but the quantity of information and the speed with which it travels can sometimes be dizzying. It then becomes difficult to prioritize, analyze, share, decide and act appropriately based on the knowledge that affects us.

At Sociopol, we recognize how important it is for organizations and communities to understand their environments so that their actions can benefit the greatest number of people and contribute to changes planned by the community. To that end, Sociopol offers social, political and economic consultation services.

Our values and principles

Our values include excellence in all aspects of our projects, creativity in how we fulfil our mandates and caring in our relationships. We also believe in the potential of the following principles:

  • A citizenry that values the participation of all people
  • Informed citizens and organizations
  • Communities that promote solidarity, justice and liberty

Our mission

We guide organizations and communities toward decisions and actions that are supported by co-constructed knowledge deployed in ways that benefit target groups.

Our vision

We strive to contribute to the development of fair, inclusive and learning communities.

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